How to Get Started with Parkour

The act of training parkour involves facing challenges, both physical and mental. The movements you see in parkour are tools to achieve the goal of fast, efficient movement through your environment.
Think of it as obstacle course training except the course is everything around you. 

The first step to training parkour is ensuring that your body is capable of performing some of the basic movements that you are about to ask it to.
Here's a short and by no means complete checklist:

  • Sit in a squat with your heels down on the ground

  • Jump up and down a couple of times

  • Go from a sleeping position to standing and back to sleeping

  • Run around for two minutes.

If you have difficulty doing these things, then you definitely need to spend some time strengthening your body.
If you can do these things, and you have no preexisting injuries, then you're ready to... spend some time strengthening your body.
There's really no escaping it. 
Movements in parkour looks sexy as hell, but to make sure your body is capable of doing them over the long term without injuries, your body needs to be well condititioned.

Since I can't possibly explain everything myself (which is why we have classes), I will link here a great playlist of videos that demonstrate basic parkour relevant strength and conditioning exercises. 

This set for people with no sport/fitness background.

This set for people with some recent sport/fitness background.

I'm sure you're itching to learn some parkour movements as well, so here's a few helpful links to get you started with the basic movements.
The key movements that you should have solid before you progress are : 

  • Landing

  • Jumping

  • Rolling

  • Crawl

  • Vault

Here are some helpful tutorials for those. The linked videos are part of playlists that should leave you with quite a good set of things to learn.

Credit for a lot of these videos goes to Ryan Ford, founder of Apex Movement and Parkour EDU. He's worked tirelessly for the community for more than a decade putting out free content for people like YOU who want to learn parkour. He's recently written a book called Parkour Strength Training that is the total manual for people looking to get strong in parkour. I have it, and it's invaluable to me. Link:

And that's more than enough information for now.

The true value of parkour comes from DOING IT, and no amount of online tutorials will ever teach you what a good session will. 
So GO NOW. Stop reading after this sentence and don't come back until you've gone out and tried some parkour yourself.











Ok so you're back and obviously you love it and want to do this all the time now. 
So what next? This page should have enough to get you off the ground, but you should consider meeting and training with other people near you. Use the Forum to find people near you, or post on our Facebook/Instagram page. See the Spot Map for possible places to train. If you're feeling lost or want a bit of expert guidance to save you a bunch of time in the learning process, look at our Class.

Whatever you choose to do, we at Mumbai Parkour wish you a safe and fruitful parkour journey.

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